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National Workshop Tour with Big Up!

At the start of 2019 I secured a significant contract with 20 Stories High. I was employed as a freelance workshop facilitator, delivering workshops for children aged 6 and under across the country alongside their national tour of Big Up! and as part of a Liverpool community audience engagement programme called Toast and Jam.

Big Up! Was an extremely entertaining children’s theatre show co – produced by 20 Stories High and Theatre Rites. Involving two of my favourite artists: Hobbit (UK Beatbox Champion) and local actor, singer, songwriter and all round talented human being Dorcas Seb. It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside these talented performers as an associate artist and I even got to see the show with my 6 month old baby neice Beatrix which was an absolute pleasure, she absolutely loved it!

I co-facilitated around 15 workshops in Liverpool, Manchester, Blackpool and London with Gracie May; Director of the performing arts education company Dram-Ed. It was a blessing to collaborate with such a talented person, I learnt a lot about children’s entertainment and education working alongside her. Our workshops were about introducing the children to the art forms in the show, mainly: Beatboxing, Puppetry, Acting and Storey Telling. We created a number of what we liked to call ‘Beat-Stories’, these were a mix of beatboxing, sound effects, acting and storey telling to the likes of ‘Animal Boogie’, ‘Three billy goats Gruff’ and ‘Baby Shark’ which proved highly entertaining and engaging for the little ones. You can find videos of these at the bottom of this blog.

It was certainly challenging working with this age but I found it really rewarding, it may be a while before I come back to teach this age group but it will definitely happen again!

‘My little boy is singing baby Shark and making beatboxing noises at home all the time now! All we have is ‘Boom Chick Boom Chick’ in the lounge at the moment.’ – Jo, Toast and Jam

‘When we got home we were attempting to beatbox, this has really helped Thea with her speech development and I’ve also learnt fun activities to do with her that encourage her to talk. So it’s been really good, even though she got a bit of stage fright when it was her turn. She just took the mic and wasn’t ready, Bless her.’ – Chloe, Toast and Jam

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